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11 Proven Steps to Scale a Business Successfully

how to scale a small business

It’s no secret that a team’s performance is a reflection of its leadership. Any increase in operations and production will necessitate an expansion of your team at one point or another. When this happens, you’ll want dependable leaders who believe in your long-term vision and have your back.

  • To scale successfully, it's important to put systems in place before you actually need them.
  • New Year comes with new possibilities and new challenges as well.
  • And, allowing the entrepreneur to focus on bringing in money right from the get-go.

He also contacted top-level sales-people in public companies, persuading two of them to join his team. And when a large customer had to choose between his and a competitor’s offerings, Simon stepped in and helped close the sale. A good example of a leader who didn’t let loyalty stand in the way of smart business is Sandy, the CEO of a small but growing organization that provides DSL broadband service. Like Jason, Sandy was a loyal friend to people she’d known since her career began.

You need scalable processes

To improve business, you need to know financial numbers like the back of your hand. This includes everything from cash flow to your business’s credit score. Cash flow is a key indicator of growth or early failure, with 46% of small businesses exiting with irregular cash flows.

Want to win small business clients? Give them a better digital banking solution ABA Banking Journal - ABA Banking Journal

Want to win small business clients? Give them a better digital banking solution ABA Banking Journal.

Posted: Tue, 01 Nov 2022 10:00:43 GMT [source]

You may want to focus on customer support as you improve operations, and this is a good instinct. However, employees should never feel left out as the company focuses on customer retention.

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For instance, you can use email marketing tools to drive more sales at a lower cost instead of paying for ads on certain magazines or television channels. Use a referral program like Koodo to help you generate new leads and increase sales. Your loyal consumers can receive various rewards through the program, such as discounts and free products. This section will explain how to scale up your business in seven steps. These targets are known predictors of a sustainable and scalable business model. Additionally, if the above conditions are met, chances are your business model is already scaling properly and efficiently to an extent.

What is a scaling strategy?

Scaling growth is about creating business models and designing your organization in a way that easily scales in order to generate consistent revenue growth and avoid stall-points without adding a ton of extra cost and/or resources along the way.

Rather, they scale because they take deliberate steps to confront their shortcomings and become the leaders their organizations need them to be. But as the company recruited a more diverse workforce to handle sales and run operations, Sanjit remained absorbed in the technology alone. Indeed, he had no interest in anything aside from fiber optics. He dismissed, ignored, or openly criticized marketers, sales-people, and administrators who failed to appreciate the finer points of the company’s technology. And he ended up with unhappy employees, many of whom arrived not a minute before nine and left at the stroke of five each day.

Keys to scaling a business

With the MMR/MMP, you're getting closer to the finished product. These capabilities derive from experience that the new CEO may not yet have.

how to scale a small business

Scaling your business also involves identifying potential partners in the market. For companies looking to scale, you need to be prepared to lead by example to create a winning workplace culture that generates trust and mutual respect. Scaling in business often requires bringing new personnel on board to avoid how to scale a business bottlenecks and optimizing workflow so tasks aren’t concentrated in your hands. After all, two-thirds of value creation is achieved when a company scales, according to global management consulting firm McKinsey & Company. Which marketing avenues are bringing in the most traffic to your website and sales?

For your most critical human capital, it can also help increase productivity and help maximize your resources. The manual processes that were fine when you were small but now won’t let you move fast enough.

  • On rare occasions, people rise to the scaling challenge without any special effort.
  • Blending both outreach types helps produce predictable revenue.
  • With a truly viable and sought-after product on your hands, and word-of-mouth starting to make the rounds, your business is well on the way to real success.
  • In response to such enthusiasm, investors wrote him substantial checks.
  • Scaling a business is really about growing a business, and under ideal circumstances, growing it quickly.
  • Recently, we onboarded 15 people and 14 of them said they chose to work with us, in part because what our organization does — supply chain sustainability — reflects what matters to them, too.

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