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Cheetah’s  Delivery Service

To start working with the device, please follow these steps:

  1. After purchase, feel free to upload the attached device through the WordPress device tool.

  2. After activation, a new tab will appear in left admin menubar.

  3. Please enter the your purchase email address and license key for this plugin.

  4. Please create a Google Maps account , provide them with credit information (in case there are thousands of maps uploaded per month) and create a Google Maps API key.

  5. Replace the Google Map Code, enter the customer information provided to you by Cheetah in the relevant windows and select the types of shipping you would like to enable

  6. Shipping points are defined cheetah points spread across the country where customers can pick up their shipments from a point of their choice as part of the payment process.

  7. Delivery to the house will allow delivery of a special courier to the customer's door.

  8. Next, set the shipping types in the Commerce: Settings >> Shipping >> Set Delivery Area >> Add Shipping Method >> Select: Cheeta Delivery >> Set how much you would like to charge for shipping.

  9. Check if a cheeta appears on the checkout page under Shipping Methods.


Collection Store Location points

As part of the customer's payment process, a button will open to open a map, on the map the customer will select the store location points that is convenient for him and the plugin will record the selection as part of the order. A small button will appear on the order management screen  to the order confirmation that will allow the creation of a cheeta delivery according to the parameters defined by the customer.

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