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Parasitology Centre Europe Parasite testing, diagnosis and treatment for Europe and the UK

Parasitology Centre Europe Parasite testing, diagnosis and treatment for Europe and the UK

Synthetic BPC 157 powder is produced through chemical synthesis in a laboratory setting. It is designed to mimic the structure and function of the naturally occurring peptide. This synthetic version of BPC 157 has been the subject of various studies to explore its potential therapeutic properties and applications. If you were taking a daily dosage of 300mcg, the treatment would last up to three weeks. In this case, I’m considering the fact that you will be injecting AOD 9604 every day but taking a two-day off per week. When research scientists tried it out on obese rats, AOD 9604 resultswere all positive.

  • Take, for example, users with biologically active metabolism have indisputable chances of registering excellent results.
  • In mice, the AOD 9604 benefits included efficient metabolism, loss of extra body fat, improved lipolysis, and high plasma glycerol.
  • This bacteriostatic liquid contains a significant amount of benzyl alcohol, which acts to inhibit the growth of potentially infectious bacteria.
  • Contrary, you can run some few kilometers in a treadmill, take a walk around the neighborhood, skip, do some crunches, or any other tolerable workout.

The ban became critical after the 2013 scandal involving the famous Australian Sporting Code, whose players were allegedly taking this anti-obesity drug. Well, these controversies were mere speculations channeled around like Chinese whispers. However, several anti-doping agencies, including WADA, stood up to condemn AOD 9604 use in the sports arena. Another criticl aspect to consider is confirming the expiry date of the drug.

Peptide AOD 9604 Truth: What It Bring After Use AOD 9604?

This fact will lay our foundation as we connect AOD 9604 with obesity. These supplements are a champ, whether you’re looking to lose weight, burn the abdominal fats, build muscles, or have a shredded physique. For beginners, the problem is more than just falling for an ideal peptide blend. Sometimes, you will be forced to find a middle ground between a potent supplement and the side effects.

If you’ve been searching for a peptide with absolutely no severe side effects, you might have heard about AOD 9604. Well, even FDA confirms that it is safe with 100% tolerability on its users. Find out if AOD 9604 works, its benefits, results, and the clinical research that backs up its efficiency. BPC-157 has shown promise in promoting the healing of damaged tendons and improving joint health. This may be beneficial for bodybuilders who put significant stress on their joints and tendons through heavy lifting and intense training. So, how do you hit on a legitimate online AOD 9604 powder supplier when countless websites are claiming to sell the peptide?


This aspect varies depending on the AOD 9604 powder supplier and the manufacturing date. Before you can mix these two, ensure they are at room temperature. In our case, I am using 5mg of AOD 9604 finished UK-based store for steroids vials, which I’ll dilute with 200IU of water. Pour the diluent into the vial and allow it to settle for about 10 minutes. Afterward, you can mix the constituents by gently rotating the bottle.

The reason is to protect the powdered peptide from unpredictable short-term temperature changes during shipping. Lyophilizing the drug makes it stable for an extended period as it minimizes degradation. The amount of diluent you’ll need depends on the vial quantity. Take, for example, you splash out on a 5mg package of AOD 9604. You will need to buy 2ml bacteriostatic water to use as a diluent. In the AOD 9604 clinical research,900+ adults participated in six different studies.

Frequently Asked Questions about AOD 9604

This is why whether you inject subcutaneously, intramuscularly, take BPC capsules orally or use a spray it is effective. This is one of the reasons that makes peptide therapy so appealing to athletes. For individuals who prefer a needle-free approach or have aversions to injections, BPC-157 orally provide an alternative. However, it is important to note that when taken orally, not all of the BPC-157 dosage may be fully absorbed due to digestion and metabolism processes.

Unlike HGH, this peptide leaves no severe side effects to the user. However, to win the approval of the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), there was a need for successful human trials. Supposing you take AOD 9604 without exercising or following a strict dietary plan, you can lose between six to ten pounds. What is more, age factor, personal health, and family history may positively or negatively affect the AOD 9604 results. Take, for example, users with biologically active metabolism have indisputable chances of registering excellent results. If your obesity is genetic or familial, the action of this peptide on the body will be sluggish.


When you inject it or spray it into your mouth, inject it very slowly. If you keep it in the refrigerator, keep it away from things that might knock it over or jostle it around. Not only does it suppress lipogenesis but also accelerate lipolysis in the region where there is a high deposition of fats. Thanks to the lipolytic effects, the FDA has approved its use as a food additive. In a nutshell, we can say that AOD 9604 regulates the metabolism of fats in the human body. Although it’s synonymous to the human growth hormone, this treatment neither affects the IGF-1 level nor the blood sugar.

After pouring water into AOD 9604, allow it to dissolve by rotating the vial between the fingers. The perfect time to inject AOD 9604 is 30 minutes before having breakfast. In so doing, you allow the body to metabolize the drug when the stomach is still empty.

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