Ikodes Technology

“Success recipe for healthy business relationships”

Ikodes Technology maintains long-term relationships with its partners, clients, and employees. With 25+ affiliated global business partners, Ikodes Technology emphasizes on high-quality and customer satisfaction. Partnering with us expands your business and increases profitability. Ikodes Technology has 5 custom-designed Business Partnership Programs.

1. Offshore business partner

“Maximum business at low cost and quick delivery”
The ‘Off Shore Business Partner’ program benefits small-scale industries and individuals by exploring markets and domains to kickstart projects. IT firms reap profits through the offshore business model. The program lowers operational costs, speeds up the development process, and increases investment opportunities. Ikodes Technology solves complex tasks to deliver on time hassle-free solutions.

2. Reseller partner

“Promote products & services and generate more revenue”
The ‘Reseller Partner’ program is for independent marketing professionals to deliver effective solutions to their clients. It is a faster and cost-effective way to scale up client businesses. Ikodes Technology incorporates expertise, and best practices, and consistently delivers tailor made solutions to clients and helps them earn higher ROI. Ikodes Technology assures the best services and correspondence at all stages of project development to every customer.

3. Referral partner

“Identify opportunities and robustly compete in the market by referring us”
Ikodes Technology’s ‘Referral Partner’ program is for individuals and small/medium companies who have used our services in the past. The program benefits those with access to a larger network of prospects who can recommend our services. It is simple and doesn’t require technical knowledge.

  • Refer us
  • Close the deal
  • Get rewarded 
4. Joint venture

“Join hands and attain professional success”
Ikodes Technology’s ‘Joint Venture’ program benefits independent businessmen, consultants, and large enterprises to expand their business and explore new markets. Ikodes Technology generates leads and markets the services of its clients. From hiring experts to developing appropriate infrastructure and delivering solutions, Ikodes Technology is your one-stop-solutions provider. We share agreed profits whenever inquiries lead to fruitful orders.

5. White label business partnership

“Use our brand and enhance your business”
Ikodes Technology’s ‘White Label Business Partnership’ benefits companies in the same business. We help them market their services to local and international clients. Our clients sell and promote their services while outsourcing the project to us. We outperform their delivery capabilities by working as an extended team. On-time delivery of projects is an assurance to our global business partners.

Why choose us as your partner?
  • Skill
  • Trust
  • Integrity
  • Deliverance
  • Reliable Service
  • Constant Support
  • Top Notch Quality
  • Adequate Solutions
  • Rapid Turn Around Time
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